Women ski for men? freeride

  • cekla93
    cekla93 op 22 januari 2018 · 19:20
    Hi Guys!
    I just want to ask you that how about skiing with a women ski? what are the differences? only the softness and the length of them?

    (175cm, 74kg, expert skills)
    The only thing that I would go for a women ski is that I really want a 170-75cm rocker ski. I have tested an armada jj which has 185cm and another which was a magic j with 180cm. I already known that I need a 170-175 for my everyday ski, for the powder as well on the track and for a bit of park. I really love to jumping on the powdered tracks and making some tricks on it like butters or nose butters, 360, nollie 180 and something like that. So this is why I need a soft, "short" ski. This is why I would prefer that.

    So guys what would you offer me what do you thing? Im just cant make a decision that waiting for an armada jj mens ski with 175-180cm or I can go for an armada vjj series with 175cm?

    thanks for your reply in advance
  • cekla93
    cekla93 op 24 januari 2018 · 11:21
    Can anybody help me?


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