The Douchebag the utimate SKI bag

  • ctm
    ctm op 13 november 2019 · 23:38
    merk: DOUCHEBAG
    kleur: wit
    winkelprijs: 250 euro
    gebruikt met wear & tear, volledig functioneel
    wordt 300 dagen per jaar door Noors ski team gebruikt, dus kan wat hebben

    Outside Magazine - "This is the best ski bag ever made".Cool Hunting - "The research-backed Norwegian luggage puts design first".Freeskiers Editors Pick 2017/18 - "You may attempt to exclude douchebags from your friend circle, however, when it comes to ski travel, The Douchebag is your best friend."

    Gear Patrol - "The Douchebag doesn’t win any points for its questionable name, but it makes up for that with a highly adaptable design. The best part about the bag might be that when it’s empty, you can roll it up into a compact wad that’ll fit under your bed or in the top of your closet."

    Ciao, Christian
  • denniskpmn
    denniskpmn op 14 november 2019 · 14:04
  • Bobdeboarder
    Bobdeboarder op 14 november 2019 · 14:18
    En lengte ? Is deze 205cm lang ?
  • ctm
    ctm op 14 november 2019 · 14:21
    Maximum length: 205 cm
    Width: 38 cm
    Depth: 18.5 cm
    Weight: 4.0 kg
    Minimum volume: 15L
    Maximum volume: 150L
    Ciao, Christian
  • Caspar
    Caspar op 14 november 2019 · 18:52
    @ctm PM!
  • ctm
    ctm op 15 november 2019 · 13:03
    Ciao, Christian


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