Hidden Faces 6: Camping at Sunset, Skiing Steep Face at Sunrise

Door paulski op 7 april 2021 · 0

A face we have been eyeballing the whole season. It’s a tricky one, kind of low, pure north, not always enough snow and subject to avalanche danger most of the time. We didn’t want to push it on this mountain and wanted to inspect the snow a day before, therefore we took a tent and spended the night on mountain to ski in the morning with a beautiful sunrise. Everything went well and it felt like a great way to end the series with this mission. That being said, we are going to continue, like you see in the last seconds of the episode something is coming in the fall...!

The face

  • Dent de Valère
  • Face N
  • 5.1, E2, TD, S5

The route on FATMAP


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