Powder alert 🚨 Georgia Bakhmaro - Strike Mission!!!

  • floriansiempelkamp
    floriansiempelkamp op 22 maart 2022 · 19:48
    Hi guys,

    Hope you are well!

    I am pulling together an epic last minute strike mission to Georgia Bakhmaro! 4 or 5 days cat skiing and the forecast is perfect = 100% deep pow … nipple deep 😉


    Timing is tight as we need to be in Georgia by this Friday (March 25th) - via Milan there are direct flights to Kutaisi (KUT) - quite cheap 109EUR via WizzAir

    Price: incl. accommodation, food transport + cat
    EUR 1'500,- 4 catsking days / 5 nights
    EUR 1’800,- 5 catskiing days/ 6 nights or we leave after on the 30th

    Here is some footage from 4days ago:


    And this was 6 days ago:

    The trip is happening if we get a minimum of 6 people together!
    So far we have 3 which are up for it…

    Let get some pow guys & girls ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

    FYI: its stays below 0 until Wednesday 😉

    I believe last powder chance for this season


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