Maurr Snowsurfer

  • Dorylus
    Dorylus op 12 maart 2023 · 21:10
    My snowsurf-building-hobby is getting out of control so I need to free up some space.
    Handmade surfer, completely from wood (3 layers birch), without epoxy.
    Length: 143, nose: 32, waist: 27.
    With 3D base/channels. Difficult to get a decent picture of that, but it does what it is supposed to do.
    Incl pads, excl leash.
    Made to put a grin on your face during these kind of adventures (sorry, in dutch 😉 ):

    Pick up in Halle, BE. You wanted to visit Brussels anyway, right?
    Or we'll have a look how we can ship it over.
    I was thinking around about 120 euro, then I can build some new stuff again.


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