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Dutch, Father, Off-Roader, Freerider, but most of all: Carpe Diem! Born in 1969 and I have been skiing since the age of 4 and snowboarding (Alpine) from the age of 17 to 35. In 2006 I went to Mike Wiegele Heliski in Canada. This was the first time I experienced ‘Deep Powder’ and I was immediately hooked on the ‘White Gold’. I thought this would not be possible in Europe so I sadly returned to the ’groomers’ until I learned about WePowder at the end of 2011. I have been chasing powder ever since and never looked back. I am a self-employed Financial Planner and Wealth Manager and fortunately have a lot of flexibility to jump in a car or plane whenever there is a serious ‘dump’ on the radar and my schedule allows it… My other passion is driving off-road in 4x4’s. Since 2005 I did a lot of Off-Road-Racing competitions and Challenges but it is more recreational now. Whether it is a two week trip with a group through the Alps or a weekend in the mud with my kids, I enjoy every minute of it. I live for the ‘unpaved roads’ and Freeriding is the perfect winter interpretation of this philosophy! Snow Safety Center, The Netherlands: Avalanche course I + II (Theory and practice) Wilderness First Aid, United Kingdom: Wilderness Medic 3 (32 Hour Course) wePowder Safety Academy: Avalanche course I + II (Theory) Amaruk, Canada: PAWGI Certified Wilderness Guide with Survival and Off-Roading specializations

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