Where is the best base right now?

  • formen
    formen op 28 Januar 2015 · 18:38
    Going next Wednesday on the annual big group trip somewhere to the Alps, PA#9 looks promising! 15 swedes booking the flight as late as possible (following meteomorris reports by the minute until that)

    However, local reports from a guide in Chamonix says its rather sketchy and that the base over there is not good enough.

    So my question: Out of the areas that will be hit firmly by PA#9 (and its aftermath), which one has the best base?
  • meteomorris
    meteomorris op 29 Januar 2015 · 03:23
    @formen avalanche conditions are pretty sketchy in a lot of parts of the Alps. But luckely there is a lot of snow coming the next few days, so we can stay in the woods and do a lot of treeruns. With up to 150 cm of freshies coming in, conditions will improve fast. Are you aiming for a fixed destination or are you willing to do some roadtrippin'?
    May the powder be with you.
  • formen
    formen op 29 Januar 2015 · 11:25
    Thanks for the reply! We haven't yet booked our trip, so we can still pretty much go wherever, even Pyrenees, but when we decide we would like to be more or less at the same place I guess.


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