Bad Snoewconditions Livigno - Where to go?

  • Fluc
    Fluc op 22 Januar 2016 · 13:57
    Hello there,
    Three friends and me having booked almost a week of Snowboarding and Skiing in Livigno. We planned this trip last autumn (yeah, we know it was a fault, planning that early!), in hope of getting some fine lines and deep powder in the "snow save" resort of Livigno.
    But now after this strange winter beginning, we have the problem, that there are ca 40cm of snow on top in livigno,... so almost nothing!

    We cant cancel the booking, so has anybody an idea where we could go riding during the day, some resorts nearby, where we could drive to and where are better conditions?

    Thanks for any tipps or advises!
    *Ride hard, stay easy*
  • Karlis
    Karlis op 22 Januar 2016 · 20:12
    Your best chance would be to drive to St.Moritz or even further to Austria - St.Anton, Samnaun. But then you would have to go trough the Munt la Schera tunnel every day which cost ~40€ for a round trip. Also it would take 1-2h at least one way. Cancelling would be much cheaper - or you can try to offer the booking to some other people.
    Sending it :)
  • Fluc
    Fluc op 24 Januar 2016 · 08:15
    Thanks for your Answer. We already thought about that option. But it would be really expensive and not very bad for nature to drive soo far every day
    *Ride hard, stay easy*


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