La Grave - Some hope is left

  • AxelK
    AxelK op 19 Oktober 2016 · 11:41
    The FT is published a report on the lease of the gondola in La Grave. As we know the lease is due to expire end of this season with the future totally uncertain at this stage. As far as I know the commune is considering various bids including one where Alpe D'huez and les 2 Alpes are swallowing the whole thing and possibly integrating it into their lift network - whichever way this is spun, the end result will be tragic.
    There seems to be some hope though coming from a private initiative run by a local called Joost Van Zundert.
    Let me know if you cant open the link.
  • Chester_Tartsnatcher
    Chester_Tartsnatcher op 23 Oktober 2016 · 21:00
    Evidently, one needs to be a subscriber in order to access that article. So, no I cannot open the link.

    Hopefully the Mairie de La Grave will have the sense to not sell to LDA. I had thought that the builders and current leaser, Creissels, is ready to continue leasing if he's allowed to run a cable car from Le Chazelet (above and W. of LG) to somewhere on La Meije. So, I think there's more than 1 alternative to LDA or ADH.

    FYI: google makes the same ft link available, but it worked when I tried it from the google search results page.
  • Joost05320
    Joost05320 op 29 Oktober 2016 · 11:49
    here is another link to another article
    this week we hope to launch the crowdfunding campaign!
  • AxelK
    AxelK op 7 November 2016 · 16:59
    Crowdfunding campaign has started. Every penny helps. Please take a look and/or spread the word
  • Joost05320
    Joost05320 op 7 November 2016 · 19:18
    thank You!!


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