Costsharing - Searching for a guided group Gressoney/Alagna 29.12

  • Fluc
    Fluc op 21 Dezember 2016 · 20:56
    Hi there,

    Me and two friends will stay in Gressoney/Alagna, two days next week.
    We think about booking a guide on 29th or/and 30th december, but costs are quite high for a guide with 3 persons + skipass excl.

    So i had the idea to ask around here, if somebody is in the resort too, on these dates and thinks about the same - exploring this region with a guide to find some untracked lines 😉

    We can check our possibilities, share our costs and have some funny days together
    *Ride hard, stay easy*
  • jazzman
    jazzman op 4 Dezember 2018 · 11:49
    I just saw it... you posted it with too little time in advance. Did you find anyone?
    I was thinking about going to Monterosa somewhere between the 13 and the 27th, there is a guide that makes groups
    If you have any valuable information from your trip, please share.
    It´s snow or never!!
  • Gig
    Gig op 14 Dezember 2018 · 19:09
    I've usually just gone to the guide school and put my name down saying I want to join an existing group. They've almost always been able to accomodate me. You just need to be a little flexible with dates


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