Tree skiing in the Zillertal area

  • hugoleb
    hugoleb op 3 Januar 2019 · 17:59
    Hi! Does anyone know of a spot for good tree runs near Fugen / Gerlos / Mayrhofen in Austria for a storm day? Going this weekend, and there should be loads of snow, but no visibility and high avalanche risk above the trees. Thanks so much in advance!
    *Nachricht bearbeitet durch hugoleb op 3 Jan 2019 17:59
  • 8611
    8611 op 3 Januar 2019 · 23:48
    My memory is of some trees in Hochfugen and a quite developed freeride culture. Also some trees on the Kaltenbach side.But fairly thin from my recollection.
  • treviesweets
    treviesweets op 4 Januar 2019 · 00:50
    Z am Z best I reckon. Lap the trees on the front of the hill.
  • meteomorris
    meteomorris op 4 Januar 2019 · 09:39
    @hugoleb, Gerlos and Hochfugen. Mayrhofen can be good as well but needs a proper base
    May the powder be with you.


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