Völkl Bash 116 W 176 cm (17/18) with Marker Baron (S)

  • Gunnar
    Gunnar op 15 Dezember 2019 · 00:54
    I offer a pair of freeride skis. They were used for 8 days only and are as good as new without any damage. Bought them in Jan 2019 for 600 € (bill exists). The Marker-binding is probably well known here and allows to use Piste- as well as Freeride-/ Touringboots and fits boots from 265 mm to at least 325 mm. Price for Ski and binding is 390 € (negotiable). Kohla skins can be added for a fair price. Shipping is possible, price to be defined (e.g. German~ 13 €, Austria ~21 €).

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  • Gunnar
    Gunnar op 11 Januar 2020 · 23:08
    The set is still there – if anybody is interested, please drop a line. We will find a solution. Best, Gunnar


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