• nealfenwick
    nealfenwick op 21 Oktober 2020 · 12:00
    I am in the market for a new transceiver (well actually two), and looking for recommendations. I am currently using an old BCA Tracker, so really need an upgrade.

    In the spring I will be doing some training to be able to do some guiding, so I definitely need something more sophisticated with multiple burial functionality. I also need a second new transceiver for my wife but her requirements are slightly different, as she want's something as simple as possible to use to detect a single burial.

    So I expect the models we want may be slightly different, but ideally I would like to have both from the same manufacturer. My current shortlist is as follows:

    Mammut Barryvox S + Barryvox (or 2x Barryvox)
    Black Diamond/Pieps Recon/Powder + Pro/Guide (or 2x Recon/Powder) (although I was a bit put off the Pieps after reading another post about a design failure of another Pieps model)
    Possibly BCA Tracker 3 for my wife, as she is already used to it, and likes the simple controls, but then would require a different brand for me.

    Any opinions welcome.


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