Price lowered: 4FRNT HOJI + Rossi FKS - like new

  • LeBandit
    LeBandit op 14 März 2014 · 10:51
    4FRNT HOJI 2013

    187 cm
    Dimensions (mm) 130-112-121
    Bindings: Rossi FKS Pivot 140 XXL
    BSL: 306mm
    Mount: recommended

    Purchased in January 2014, model unchanged for 2014, skis and bindings like new (2-3 days on them).

    Price: EUR 350
    Place: Geneva, Switzerland

  • LeBandit
    LeBandit op 27 Oktober 2014 · 11:43
    Price updated!

    Here some detailed info on the ski:

    Bottomline Blistergear:

    ''To wrap this up, if you are looking to add to your quiver a ski that will give you a new way to attack the mountain, the Hoji could be for you. If you ski much firm snow, whether flat or bumped up, I’d suggest not making the Hoji your only ski. The Hoji loves to fly down the mountain in soft snow, bouncing from turn to turn or smearing down the super steep. It’s super light, is unbelievably responsive in shallow pow, and will rip through soft crud and crusts. I really liked the Hoji. It’s not a one-ski quiver, but it is a blast when conditions are soft.''
  • LeBandit
    LeBandit op 8 Januar 2015 · 11:51

    Price lowered.

    Any takers?


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