First avalanche victim in Engelberg

First avalanche victim in Engelberg

With the first real snowfall, the first avalanches come down. An avalanche an the Laub in Engelberg claimed the life of a snowboarder today.(source) The Laub is a well-known off-piste run in Engelberg, which is regularly skied from the beginning till the end of the season.

Located with a beacon

The victim was located with avalanche beacons, probes and shovels right after the accident. He was dug out after which resuscitation started. At the same time, the rescue service REGA flew out to help. Unfortunately, this help came too late. Despite the hard work of the mountain rescue, the victim didn’t survive.

Heavy snowfall

It has snowed heavily in and around Engelberg the last couple of days. The avalanche danger in Engelberg was ‘considerable’ (3 on a scale of 5) according to the avalanche services. Our condolences and thoughts go out to family and friends.



westiproAutor14 November 2017 · 19:27

Right through the middle of Laub, as usual. I’ve seen numerous avalanches coming down through the middle last year. First snow on Alpin Meadow is always very dangerous. The snow doesn’t stick on the grass and easily slides down. I fell sorry for his family and friends.

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