Deeluxe spark summit maat 44

  • Mars
    Mars op 5 décembre 2015 · 15:12
    Een van de beste splitboard schoenen die er zijn

    In zeer goede staat, nieuwprijs 600 euro, nu 250 euro

    Deeluxe Spark Summit Snowboard Boot 2015: The Ultimate big mountain snowboard boot. With a leather shell and lining, these boots offer premium performance and decadent luxury. Paired with the Boa system, their C3 lacing provides the perfect fit and all-day dependability.
    •Vibram Icelock Sole
    • Dupont Surlyn® Highback: This highback contributes to the durability and stability of the boot. Combined with additional reinforcements, the highback also aids in dictating its stiffness.
    • Sympatex® Membrane: Environmentally friendly and recyclable, the Sympatex Membrane provides protection from the elements. This waterproof and breathable membrane ensures your feet stay warm and dry.
    • C3-Lacing with Boa: One boot — three zones. The three part division of the boot allows the heel, forefoot, and shaft zones to be isolated and laced separately. The Boa zone holds the heel and stabilizes the ankle. When this zone is laced, the boot is combat-ready and fully functional. Separate lacing systems for the forefoot and shaft zones enhance comfort by providing a means to adjust these specific areas. Looser fit in the lacing zones yields a softer flex, while tighter lacing in these areas provides a stiffer flex.
    • Custom Flex: The name says it all — our Custom Flex construction enables riders to adjust the support and responsiveness of their boots. The ankle lacing allows you to secure your foot in the boot. Thanks to the micro­adjustment Boa affords, these boots enable you to dial in the perfect fit and flex.
    • Waterproof Construction: Precise stitching and a sandwich construction ensure water can’t penetrate the boot’s shell. After all, a dry foot is a happy foot.
    • Powerstrap: By securing the calf in place, the Powerstrap adds additional support to a boot’s lacing ­system.
  • Mars
    Mars op 11 décembre 2015 · 11:55
  • Mars
    Mars op 1 janvier 2016 · 16:48

    De poeder komt. Heb jij je schoenen al?

    PS. Grivel Airtech Light crampons vind je hier:
  • Mars
    Mars op 18 janvier 2016 · 22:24
  • Mars
    Mars op 21 janvier 2016 · 14:53
    En verkocht


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