Prévisions neige: les 6 prochains jours

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La plupart des chutes de neige

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PA#11: The second snow dump for the southern Alps

It’s the second snow dump within a week in the southern Alps. We will see sustained snowfall through Wednesday, but with a rising snowline. It also gets warmer quickly after that, which doesn’t make it easier for the powder search. Due to mediocre internet on the road, it will be a more concise weather update, but hopefully with the most important details.

PA#10: Lots of snow in the southern Alps

What colours! Finally it’s happening again on a large scale in the Alps, so time for PA#10! Fast forward to the details! It’s bitter for the French Alps, as the snowline was around 1800 - 2000 metres in many regions during the day on Thursday, especially of course in the Prealpes. There, most of the precipitation fell in the warm sector ahead of the cold front.

Thursday rain, föhn and then snow

Heavy snowfall is approaching as I wrote on Saturday, but there are still some uncertainties, also about the developments after Friday. Some rain already follows in the mild air on Wednesday evening, but then the northern Alps will enter a (possibly heavy) föhn situation, while the southern Alps could see a lot of precipitation.

Fingerchutes day! Arnie's season Episode 6

After a slightly longer period than expected, here is finally Episode 6 of my winter. As we all know, it’s way too warm in the Alps, and there’s little precipitation. Coupled with my heaviest crash ever and the subsequent week without skiing, it took a bit longer than hoped. Anyway, we’re back, and how!

Late next week finally another Powder Alert?

Yes, it’s looking pretty far ahead and so with a beat, but at the moment we do have to look at the medium to long term for a serious pack of fresh snow. Sure, Monday will bring some snow and is a nice refresher, but no large amounts. Towards the end of the week it possibly will, with increasingly changeable (and windy!) conditions.

Live: It's paradise again

Too warm, too hard, too much like spring. I’ve already made the first corn turns again. Also nice. But in January? I wanted powder. And that’s exactly what happened last weekend. My home areas Puy Saint Vincent and Pelvoux got the full load! I have to be honest, the snow line was also too high last weekend for early February.

Some snow chances for the northern side

After the snow on the southern side, calm returned to the Alps. On the northern side, with a moist western to north-western flow, it still snowed a bit above 800 to 1,200 metres, but later this week it warms up again. There are some snow chances on Friday and next Monday for the northern Alps though.

PA#9: small update

We are in the middle of snowfall on the south side at the moment. The snowline is a thing though. Especially on Friday afternoon, it briefly rained up to 2000 metres in parts of the southern Alps. So, as indicated, we will only encounter the big snow quantities from this elevation, but in the meantime in the stau areas there has already been a considerable layer of snow, up to half a metre of snow higher up.

PA#9: Finally a Südstau!

The Alps have a tumultuous week ahead. We first start with spring-like warmth, before diving into a changeable phase from Wednesday onwards. There will not be much snow everywhere and föhn will also play a big role. Where it will go wild: the southern Alps. The snowline will still be a bit of a problem.

Dry and very mild at first, but more changeable towards the end of the week

Due to limited internet on my train, I have to keep it short today. A glance at the snow map also shows that we need not expect anything in the form of fresh snow in the coming days. It will remain mostly dry and, above all, mild. Towards the end of next week however, a sharp weather change awaits us.

Hidden Faces - Secret Couloir

Going up with one of the most spectacular liftst in the world, the Skyway from Courmayeur up to the Punta Helbronner. We shared this adventure with Dave Searle, an IFMGA Mountainguide that makes great content about everything handy in the mountains. Together we went on a mission to ski couloir Cache.