Silvretta Bielerhöhe

  • kristalklear
    kristalklear op 11 décembre 2015 · 09:39
    I am planning a ski safari of around 3 weeks in march and if conditions are there, it will be most likely in the bregenzerwald-montafon area.

    One week during the trip I would like to focus some more on splitboarding so I found out about the silvratta-bielerhöhe and multi-stage tours over there.

    Anyone did skitouring in that area?

    All tips welcome.
  • meteomorris
    meteomorris op 11 décembre 2015 · 11:51
    @kristalklear Touring is great in that region. I don't know if you understand any German, but this book might be helpfull:

    Are you looking for guides? Or are you planning a trip on your own?
    May the powder be with you.
  • kristalklear
    kristalklear op 11 décembre 2015 · 15:17
    I ordered the "Skiführer Vorarlberg" but the one from rother is also on the buying list.

    For now I don't yet feel confident enough to do a tour independently. However hiring a guide for multiple days is also not really within budget.
    I have an advanced avalanche training planned and a small splitboard trip so hope to work on my skills by March.
    I maybe thought to hike up to the JamtalHütte and do smaller day tours from there on. (
    It looks like the area is well foreseen for skitouring 😃


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