weather forecast georgia

  • bigbadwolfen
    bigbadwolfen op 10 novembre 2016 · 19:10
    Hello everybody!
    Been lurking here for way to long and really appreciate this awsome forum, thanks!

    Now to the subject, we are a bunch of friends going to Georgia, gudauri to be more specific, for the 2 last weeks of January. Dose any one have any weather forecasts or predictions for the area? Metromorris forecasts are allways very helpfull but dont seem to include this particular region. Would love to hear your advice!

    If anyone else will be in the area at the same time, dont hessitate to send me a message!

  • CGGarl
    CGGarl op 12 novembre 2016 · 15:49
    Check out WildGuru in Gudauri. They have a webcam and try to keep snow stats. I was there in late January last year and when it snows, it tends to dump big time so hopefully you will get a dump during your visit. They commented that most forecasts for the area are relatively poor but Meteoblue was one of the ones that they used and considered somewhat reliable..


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