Right Destination??

  • ChristianC
    ChristianC op 17 janvier 2017 · 14:05
    Hey, need some help dr Morris 😃. We are planning a trip to the alps the 1/2 - 5/2. We will either fly to Bergamo or to Munich but I can't really decide. The north have new snow but Piemonte seems to have better snowbase. We decide destination later of course but where would you fly? Regards Christian
  • meteomorris
    meteomorris op 18 janvier 2017 · 12:36
    @ChristianC I would check at which airport you would be able to rent a car with winter tires at first. If both do have cars with winter tires than my suggestion for now would be Bergamo (since the medium range charts are in favor of snow for the Piemonte).
    May the powder be with you.
  • ChristianC
    ChristianC op 18 janvier 2017 · 20:09
    Your the man , thx a lot . I will check the wintertire thing. my guess would be that the Germans are better. But yes thats a good point . We will check it out. The ticket to Bergamo is cheaper too so could be the option here.. At least they probably have chain i reckon. Anyway thanks for a great site - Christian... We probably book Bergamo and choose destination same day I guess..


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