For sale: badass ski

  • ieism
    ieism op 7 mars 2019 · 17:50
    Not for kids or amateurs. Dropping in with this thing = dropping panties, if you so much as think about pointing it downhill you’ll be flying and dying. If you push it, you better be wearing kneebraces or you’ll break that twig you call a leg. Yes, its a monoski so you’ll be jumping crevasse and slapping ass all day. Ever wonder what its like to be Stephen Hawkin, well look no further cause this thing will have you in a wheelchair in no time.
    Low on testosteron because your wife stole your dignity and told you not to go on another trip this year? Well this is your opportunity to get your balls back that you shouldn’t have given up in the first place.
    Included is a Monobelt, thats a strap that ensures you break both legs when you have an oopsie. As monoskiers do.

    This is not really my ski, im just "helping" a friend sell it because he needs to buy a Konvoi Snowsurfer. @Aryen You’re welcome. 😃

    Pickup in the Netherlands, lets be honest you’ve been wanting to go to Amsterdam anyway.

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  • ieism
    ieism op 7 mars 2019 · 17:56
  • Aryen
    Aryen op 7 mars 2019 · 18:13

    Thanks Iv


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