• albebrega
    albebrega op 16 août 2019 · 10:07
    Hello everybody!
    While searching on the internet a few months ago I had found a GPS transceivor for the value of around 300 Euros that could send a signal of emergency to the International Rescue Team with your localization, in order for them to send the helicopter/the team to look for you. this transceivor would be quite ewssential to me as my parents have a quite remote house in the Alps and it sometimes happens to me to ski tour around the house on my own and sometimes there is no telephone cover... I would like to buy this gear but the problem is I do not remember the name of the gear. Does anybody of you know the name of the gear I am talking about? or would you suggest anything similar?
    thankl you vewry much

  • EmileHendrix
    EmileHendrix op 16 août 2019 · 11:31
    Do you mean like a spot tracker? Or an actual satelite-telephone? A spot tracker also requires a yearly fee (some 150 euro's per year if I recall correctly, only per whole year :/ )
    Een kleine fantasie kan groter zijn dan de wereld.
  • neiluk
    neiluk op 17 août 2019 · 09:18
    garmin inreach mini


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