off-piste routes around winterberg area in Germany

  • danmol
    danmol op 30 janvier 2020 · 15:21
    I'm looking into making a small trip around winterberg - postwiese in the weekend. I see the snow seems to be around 20-40cm. Does anyone have any route I could hike and potentially snowboard off-piste a little (a small hill or so) if there's enough snow? Otherwise just hike around?

    I've only been there once before and used the slopes so I wouldn't know any routes.
  • Teekidiezie
    Teekidiezie op 30 janvier 2020 · 17:00
    I was there yesterday, there is no off piste possible . Unless there is a huge dump ....
  • SPAM
    SPAM op 1 février 2020 · 23:17
    If there is a big dump be carefull. To prevent any off-piste action there are a lot of trees that are left after being sawn besides te piste. Just to prevent off-piste skiing. Maybe in the smaller ski areas tjere is some action. But as said, this is the worst winter for Winterberg in years so no snow besides the piste.
    Wie niet chased moet veel weken boeken!
  • ShibbyDV
    ShibbyDV op 3 février 2020 · 12:52
    I doubt you can go off-piste there. Slope & terrain angles are just not steep enough (i'd even say, it's nearly flat everywhere)


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