Looking for people to go freeriding/touring with in Central Switzerland

  • samdevries
    samdevries op 3 décembre 2020 · 19:37
    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for people who would like to join me in freeriding/touring adventures around the Central Swiss Alps, so mostly Engelberg/Andermatt/..
    I myself have mostly been freeriding for the last 4 years so am a beginner when it comes to Touring but very eager to learn 😃 My goal is to win the Belgian Freeride Championship in about 3 years time, so just to give you an idea, I'm not the worst skier but I still have ways to go 😀 Also planning on doing an extra Avi course this year if anyone would want to join.

    Anyone interested or wanting more details about me/possible trips/whatever feel free to pm me anytime!

    Snowy greetings,



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