Dream of an M&A job in the Alps? – We are hiring!

  • Toutcho
    Toutcho op 6 octobre 2022 · 08:05
    Hello community,

    Our Swiss based M&A company, focused on sell-side deals, is searching for a senior M&A specialist.

    We basically created the company we would have loved to join. We work hard on international deals with a lot of pressure, but value independence and flexibility.

    As powder addicts, we offer a zero morning meetings policy during the winter to be able to ride the fresh when it is there. The job has to get done, but the schedule is ours.

    We love our playgrounds, and that’s why we are heavily positioned on environment-related deals.

    Personally, as a partner, I got 55 ski outings over the last 4 seasons.

    If you got the experience and want to keep doing exciting M&A deals, but would love to operate in the Alps (Sector Chamonix – Verbier) with purpose and flexibility, please visit our website: https://stockalper.com/jobs/



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