Introduce yourself thread

  • chrissolarski
    chrissolarski op 25 mars 2020 · 20:17
    Hi All,

    Happy to have found this forum. My name’s Chris Solarski and I’m a keen snowboarder based in Zurich, Switzerland (originally from the U.K. and born to Polish parents).

    After a 7-year break I started riding again this season and generally go to the Hoch-Ybrig, which is an hours drive from Zurich.

    Happy to connect with anybody in the area.

  • Lucas Scott
    Lucas Scott op 14 juillet 2020 · 14:06
    Hey all, I'm Lucas. Been in La Grave for 13- or 14 seasons and living here year round now. I like skiing 😉

    Nice to meet you all.
  • Pichel
    Pichel op 25 octobre 2020 · 12:30
    Hey all, I'm Lucas. Been in La Grave for 13- or 14 seasons and living here year round now. I like skiing 😉

    Nice to meet you all.Lucas Scott op 14 Jul 2020 14:06

    Lucas - Nice to meet you! I am planning LaGrave this season with 2-3 friends. What month you recommend? March, April? Any tips for accommodation and also guide?
  • kevineast1993
    kevineast1993 op 3 novembre 2020 · 21:40
    Greetings from London, UK. I'm Kevin.
  • Michael55david
    Michael55david op 3 décembre 2020 · 11:06
    Hi here i am Michael david from US. i am happy to have found this forum.
  • woodjmichael
    woodjmichael op 4 janvier 2021 · 12:25
    Hey, I'm Mike. Living in the pre-alps north of Milan, but I've chased pow all over the US/Canada and some in Hokkaido.

    Interesting project you have here. I'd love to know more about the forecast models and if anyone knows some good sources for historical snowfall data. Would love any recommendations!

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  • mursel
    mursel op 23 novembre 2021 · 14:40
    Greetz from Bosnia & Herzegovina. I'm from Gorazde town. Nice to meet you guys.
  • Ytelemark
    Ytelemark op 25 novembre 2021 · 20:24
    Hey...its starting to snow as I type!!
    I'm a telemarker too and there is a group called Telemark for You based in Villars and another, The Worst Crew in Gryon.
    Get in touch if you want to join us there or tele in the Magic Pass resorts like Zinal and Saas Fee!
  • jessmorgan
    jessmorgan op 23 décembre 2021 · 17:49

    I am glad I am here!
  • amandaemerson
    amandaemerson op 5 janvier 2022 · 09:19

    My name is Amanda. I work from home so I have more free time for myself.
  • williamaston
    williamaston op 6 janvier 2022 · 09:03
    Hello! I am from Leeds but I live in London,and I am glad to be part of this community!
  • alexandercoll35
    alexandercoll35 op 25 janvier 2022 · 13:16
    Hello! I am Alex - a 36 year-old nature lover from Manchester!
  • AmeliaBerg
    AmeliaBerg op 25 août 2022 · 12:20
    Hello everybody! I am Amelia from Denmark. I am beginner in skiiing and I am happy to have found this forum.
  • Mango
    Mango op 24 septembre 2022 · 15:57
    Hi everyone!

    Big fan of the wePowder booked. Used it to explore many resorts in Austria's Salzburgerland last season.

    Looking forward to next season and following your weather forecasts.

    Happy to meet like minded splitboarders. Will be in Salzburgerland again this feb & march
  • x#6tS769ZA5f
    x#6tS769ZA5f op 5 octobre 2022 · 18:43
    Hello there,
    I am a powder enthusiastic, living in Gva. Following a lot Wepowder during the winter.
    Riding a little bit everywhere from Valais to Haute Savoie. If there is a good retour d'est, I like going in Italy 😉
    I tried to post a job position open for my company that could interest other ski addict. Unfortunately it was refused.
    I hope the moderator will be able to do something about that.
    LET-IT-SNOW op 16 novembre 2022 · 17:20
    Hey Everyone
    Hope everyone is getting pumped for the new season.
    I'm Daniel, originally from Canada but more recently been living in Helsinki, Finland (oh its so flat). Rediscovered my snowboarding passion now that I'm in my early 40s and after hitting the alps on several occassions. Anyway planning on heading to ischgl in mid December if the snow conditions are good. Any hints on some good offpiste routes, please let know.
    Lastly, shout out to the website admins absolutely great site, I found your site last March and when you announced the late season powder alert in April, it convinced me to head to Murren in Switzerland and it was the best pow boarding in my life, keep it up
    Cheers everyone, 🍻
  • soulskier
    soulskier op 7 décembre 2022 · 06:27

    I'm Jamie and have been a ski bum since 1987 and still average 100 days per season.

    I am based out of June Lake, CA (Eastern Sierra) but recently purchased my dream retirement home in the Italian Alps, about 20 minutes from Alagna.

    I have a copy of the WePowder Guide in each of my homes and read it almost daily. When I'm not on the snow, I enjoy live music and long walks on the beach.

    Let it snow!
  • KrisitimI
    KrisitimI op 31 janvier 2023 · 17:03
    Hi all, I'm a newbie!


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