• Carlo
    Carlo op 26 janvier 2014 · 00:07
    Hi guys, i'll spend few words about one of my favourite resort.

    Madesimo is a small city of Valchiavenna, is located at 1534m and it's a very beautiful place.
    In the past 20 days we had a great present: 250 cm of snow ( i think). It was many years that we haven't see so much snow, the conditions are very good for freeriding, but the warm weather lift the risk of avanches...a lot. Be careful.
    Madesimo is a small resort, not so many slopes, but very fun pow lines: the famous Canalone - Camosci, Cavallina, Streghe, Angeloga ecc.
    I recommend everyone, if you have the chance, go pow in Madesimo. And if you go, ski with a guide, there is a lot of snow but the lines are full of rocks, skiing with a local is always a good idea!

    Good powder to everyone.

    p.s: 22-23 march, Freeride contest!

  • telemikey
    telemikey op 27 janvier 2014 · 13:24
    That looks like good ol' honest powder fun, right there. Yummy.
    White room,Pillow lines,I rule
  • bernhardbrandstatter
    bernhardbrandstatter op 27 janvier 2014 · 13:32
    ^^Great edit + Great terrain!
  • Carlo
    Carlo op 27 janvier 2014 · 14:48
    p.s: i forgot, this videos are not mine 😉 i find them on youtube to show you some action from Madesimo!


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