Live: great season start in the French Alps

Live: great season start in the French Alps

You can almost set your watch by it – whenever I’m in the Netherlands, there’s heavy snowfall in the Ecrins, my home. Last week, during my stay in the lowlands, the snow line dropped visibly. We haven’t been short of rain (and snow above 2500-3000 meters) in recent weeks, but for enjoyable skiing, a snow cover from 1800 meters is quite essential. And that was just perfect when I found myself 1200 kilometers too far north. I couldn’t wait to get back.

Plans were quickly mad

Once back in the car towards the Alps, ski plans were quickly made. If the weather held up, Sandra, my skiing and life partner, along with local mountain guide Martijn Schell, would venture out. The mountain choice would be decided at the last moment.

Col de Vars

The choice fell on Col de Vars, with the famous ski touring classic Vallon de Crachet. A beautiful rolling slope where there is often enough snow at the beginning of the season. And this time was no exception. The conditions were superb: a solid base with a few centimeters of powder on top at the start, increasing as we ascended. At the top, there was about 20 cm of snow on the same hard base. No rocks in sight, even in early November! Of course, this wasn’t the deepest dream powder, but it was pure enjoyment, and the vibrant orange colors of the larches made it even more beautiful.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the season. And skiing is just delightful! In the coming days, snow is once again on our weather maps. I already know what I’ll be doing!

lives in the French Alps. If there is even a little snow, he can be found outside to catch up with us afterwards.


pharrisAuteur9 november 2023 · 09:41

great to read - thanks Roger. looking forward to getting to the mountains asap :)

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