Live from PA 16: powder again in Puy Saint Vincent!

Live from PA 16: powder again in Puy Saint Vincent!

We’re experiencing a record season in the Pays des Écrins. There’s a whopping 4 meters of snow at the top of Pendine. Even the entrance to the renowned Col de Bal is directly skiable, with the large rocks hidden beneath a thick layer of snow. And there are meters of snow on the pillows. It seems like the season is far from over. This week, another 70 centimeters of snow fell as if it were nothing.

Thick layer of snow with a low snowline

Between Tuesday and Thursday, we experienced two waves of intense snowfall, with a low snowline. This ensured that conditions were exceptionally good once again in the forests of Puy Saint Vincent. However, it was powder with instructions. Due to the strong wind and fluctuating temperatures, avalanche danger was high. We avoided slopes above 2000 meters, and even in the forests, we opted for the safer, flatter lines.

Thick powder but it’s also late March

So, for safety reasons, we couldn’t ski at higher altitudes, and you notice that it’s late March. The snow was great, but it wasn’t a faceshot-galore; the wind had blown too hard, and the temperature had climbed too high. But honestly, you won’t hear us complaining. It was fast and enjoyable skiing snow, and we were almost alone in our favorite lines through the forests. Bliss!

More snow on the way

In the coming days, much more snow is expected, with a varying snowline. So, due to that snowline, it’s still uncertain whether we’ll be able to enjoy it in Puy. Furthermore, Puy is closing exceptionally early this year due to the very early Easter weekend, which is naturally disappointing. But one thing is certain: this looks fantastic for the ski tourers and couloir skiers who want to visit the Ecrins in the coming weeks. At high altitudes, we continue to break records for snowfall. So, the season is far from over!

lives in the French Alps. If there is even a little snow, he can be found outside to catch up with us afterwards.
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