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wePowder is one of the most trusted snow forecasting websites in the world. Focussing on the European Alps, over 1 million passionate skiers and snowboarders use wePowder to find the best conditions.

Our story

After driving thousands of kilometers to and through the Alps for over many, many seasons, wePowder was founded in 2008. We have learnt to unlock the mysteries of intricate weather patterns, found out about interesting local phenomena and discovered tiny gems that have remained hidden to the tourist eye. We decided to share all this knowledge with our dedicated audience and offer them the best possible conditions. We believe that riding great powder is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice. You just have to be at the right time in the right place for the best conditions. And in doing this, it doesn’t matter if you’re are riding on one board or two, because the feeling of sliding through powder snow is universal.

Our audience

Specialising in snow forecasting, snow safety and original content we have a highly engaged audience (over 1 million unique visitors per season) and offer an unmatched ability to connect our partners with dedicated skiers and snowboarders from all over Europe. wePowder is available in four languages (English, French, German and Dutch) ensuring a European reach without loosing the important local touch.


Freeriding is a beautiful, but also a dangerous sport. You are active in free nature and you have to deal with all potential hazards, such as avalanches. You (and yourself only) also need to make the decision whether or not you should ride a line. That’s why wePowder is raising awareness for all safety aspects of freeriding, such as knowledge, relevant training, the right equipment, current conditions and the proper guides to ride with, since our beginning.

As a freerider, it’s important that you know your boundaries. You should ride the type of terrain that you’re actually able to ride, or you’ll put yourself and others in danger. It’s pretty simple: ‘powder is fun, but so is tomorrow’. The great thing about freeriding is that everybody can enjoy it at his own level. The best freerider is the one with the biggest smile! Go out there with a qualified guide and get that smile on your face! Share your experiences and knowledge on wePowder and you get a lot of energy and stoke back from the community.


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