Snow forecast: next 6 days

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  • 5cm
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Several snow phases, but warmer and rain from Sunday onwards

Rogier went out yesterday and found amazing conditions in the (closed) ski resort of Pelvoux in the Hautes-Alpes. Check here the images! PA#3 continues here as we get some fresh snow here again on Friday. In the last 24 hours, the amounts have been revised downwards a bit. After that, we won’t be able to escape it: it will get warmer all over the Alps.

Live from Power Alert 3 (deep deep snow!)

After witnessing with dismay the conditions in the Hautes Alpes with a too high snow line compared to the rest of the Alps, everything has turned out just fine. Following the downpour on Friday, the temperature dropped, and it already snowed significantly on Saturday. However, the real dump on Monday ensured that here in the Pays des Ecrins, we have nothing to be jealous of.

Engelberg - Freeride Symphony

Freeride Symphony is a film that was shot entirely in Engelberg, Switzerland. Ultimately, local riders are also (just like us) looking for that perfect moment on the mountain. And okay, okay, the level of these men and women may be a little higher. Anyway, the idea is of course the same. Riding powder with your friends, a mission to the really steep lines or a beautiful sunset session.

One skier perished in an avalanche on Mölltaler Glacier

On Sunday, December 3rd, a large avalanche occurred on the Mölltaler Glacier around 13:45. Eyewitnesses report an avalanche measuring 300 meters long and 150 meters wide. Two skiers were swept away by the avalanche, with one not surviving. According to initial information, two skiers were caught and buried by an avalanche off-piste.

PA#3: Snow in the Western Alps, but a milder phase knocks at the door

A mild phase is knocking at the door early next week, but we will first have to deal with snowfall from the west. In France, around 20 to 30 centimetres will fall in the upcoming 24 hours. PA#3 is for France, because the snowline will be nice and low during this snowfall. Some more snow for the north side will follow during the week, but on Friday, it could temporarily snow solidly in the south-west Alps.

Live: Best season start in years!

It’s just December, and we’ve already had two powder alerts. Snow records are being shattered in many places, and the scenes from the Alps (and beyond) are delightful. It’s almost unbelievable how good the conditions are. In many places, snow records are being broken for this time of the year. For example, in the Ecrins in France, at an altitude of 2900 meters, never before has so much snow been measured on December 2 since measurements began in 1983.

PA#2: Large amounts of snow with a "Gegenstromlage"

The start of the meteorological winter immediately delivers another PowderAlert in the Alps! It’s time for PA#2! In the Eastern Alps, a so-called “Gegenstromlage” gives loads of snow, BUT: The avalanche risk does shoot up, and for various reasons. So be prepared and check the avalanche bulletins before heading out.

Now it is France's turn

Even before November is over, not only did the Northern Alps get their first dump, but now the Western Alps are also getting a lot of snow. On the verge of PA#2, and that already in November! In this weather forecast, I’ll explain why I did not issue a PA#2 after all. Over the past few days, the Northern Alps were in for a real treat.

Live: lots of snow (and wind)

We’re having a great season start! The nordstau has done its job. Almost all well-known ski areas in Austria have received a substantial amount of snow, and the same applies to the eastern part of Switzerland. Here are some (official) snow depths from this morning: Schröcken: 79 cm Mittelberg: 70 cm Arosa (CH): 54 cm Davos (CH): 45 cm Saalbach: 44 cm Sankt Anton: 37 cm Hintertux: 36 cm Of course, there is much more snow on the mountain.

PA#1: Update and outlook

On Wednesday, in the first PowderAlert of the new winter season, I already wrote extensively about the upcoming November-Nordstau. Haven’t read it yet? Then check here first. In this forecast, I’ll write a short update with some additional info, the small changes in the models since Wednesday and a brief look ahead to early next week.

What is the best touring binding for freeriders?

Touring bindings: they offer a lot of possibilities, but choosing the right one makes a significant difference. The right choice varies for everyone, but here is an overview of the options. Let’s go back to 1984 when Dynafit obtained the patent for the tech binding, marking the beginning of the evolution in ski touring.