Conditions & privacy statement


wePowder has been compiled with the utmost care. We can for any inaccuracies, however, accept no liability. In addition, a lot of content is added to this website by our users. Our users nor wePowder can be held liable for direct or indirect damages consequences of this information. This will include, but not exclusively, infringement of copyrighted work(s) or otherwise violate the intellectual property rights of others. Freeriding is a risk sport that takes place in nature. Ultimately, you are fully responsible for the choices you make. wePowder recommends that anyone who does not have sufficient knowledge not to go off-piste. Off-piste (or freeriding) you always go with a qualified mountain guide. wePowder is not liable for any consequences of freeriding, such as, but not limited to, personal injury or material damage.

Add content

At various places on wePowder users are allowed to add their own content (eg photos, videos and texts). With the addition of this content the user gives wePowder permission to use it for no fee, edit it or use it in several online and offline projects where wePowder is directly involved. The user guarantees that he is authorized to publish this content, and that, if necessary, he obtained permission for publication of this information by third-party consents.

Weather & Snow

wePowder works together with various parties to disseminate weather and snow information. Therefore, it can occasionally happen that various information (weather maps, forecasts) and content about the same ski area differs or is not up to date. In addition, we are dependent on the local measurement points for the transmission of information. Here too we can not accept any liability for any inaccuracies.

Freeride routes

Freeride routes are routes that take place outside the prepared slopes (in the backcountry or off-piste) and where you’re dealing with alpine dangers. These include, but are not limited to, avalanches, cliffs and crevasses. The freeride routes offered on wePowder have been compiled with the utmost care. We can, however, accept no liability for any inaccuracies. Routes can not be displayed correctly. On the maps where the routes are displayed you can never see all the “natural hazards”, such as cliffs, rocks, trees, crevasses or other natural hazards. The conditions in the mountains are always different. Several factors can affect the quality of a route through which a descent is not possible. This will include, but not limited to, weather, temperature, type of snow, snowfall, avalanches and work carried out in the area concerned. Inquire before riding a freeride route always at the local ski school and / or ski patrol if you can ride a route! A freeride route should always be skied or snowboard accompanied by a qualified guide.


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