Is St. Anton really worth it?

  • Chester_Tartsnatcher
    Chester_Tartsnatcher op 15 November 2017 · 00:51
    OK, so I haven't been to Tyrol and I'd like to go.

    Everyone raves about St. Anton but I wonder: is it like a Vail in Europe where it's expensive, crowded and full of prancing wannabes?

    I went to Chamonix and while, yeah, the terrain there is mindblowing, it's so overcrowded, expensive and seemingly overdeveloped with a lot of poseurs among the Gauloise smoke. It's great, but it didn't really seem like the France I know.

  • ctm
    ctm op 15 November 2017 · 16:52
    Sure St. Anton is expensive and chikimiki. But when there is powder, the off-piste is fabulous and you won't see the chikimiki there.
    For more local appeal, Italian food and great skiing try: Via Lattea near Turin, Italy. Or the all-time favourite; La Grave, next to Les Deux Alps and close to Alpe d'Huez and Briancon.
    Ciao, Christian
  • Chester_Tartsnatcher
    Chester_Tartsnatcher op 15 November 2017 · 18:56
    I've spent months in La Grave and been to some of the Maurienne resorts (Val Frejus, Val Throrens, Cenis) as well as the Via Lattea and the Monte Rosa areas. That's the France and Italy I know. I've been around Switzerland a little bit at Verbier, Andermatt and St. Moritz. I don't know Austria at all and would like to go, but not to the overdeveloped places.
  • Arjen
    Arjen op 16 November 2017 · 15:49
    Yes, it is. There are crowds, but the terrain is really good with a lot of backcountry options. There are less people in Stuben and even less people in Sonnenkopf. Plenty of options nearby (Montafon) as well. The mountains aren't as impressive as in La Grave, Cham or the Monte Rosa, but the skiing is good.
    One day, they'll invent synthetic powder, ban all kinds of work and give you a free liftpass...
  • Frats
    Frats op 17 November 2017 · 13:12
    In general i find the bigger resorts with a 'freeride' reputation to be kind of a let down... Quite often a smaller resort nearby can be much less crowded, less powder stress, more authentic, cheaper and still super fun! However when you want to get that extra altitude when snow conditions are less than optimal, the bigger resorts like for example st anton or engelberg are often the best option.

    Especially when you're not a local. Big resorts get tracked so fast while a small 'family resort' can remain untracked for days/weeks after the last dump.
  • Chester_Tartsnatcher
    Chester_Tartsnatcher op 19 November 2017 · 00:30
    @Frats, yeah, agreed.

    Stateside, we stopped going to Whistler/BC, Big Sky or Jackson Hole years ago, partly because of the obnoxious entitled locals and partly because they're overdeveloped. I think of Verbier the same way: it's awesome statistically but it's just so overrun with attitude. We ended up enjoying the lesser known places in Idaho, Montana and interior BC.

    I'm still exploring Yurp.

    I may try St Anton anyway if the snow is better that way mid January. I always wondered how Montafon is as well as Kappl and See in Paznaun.

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  • NiklasH
    NiklasH op 19 November 2017 · 17:54
    I think the resort of St. Anton is the worst one of Ski Arlberg BUT it's the only crowded one out of the region. Stuben has outstanding freeride from alaska style spines to mellow runs all the way down to the valley. From the top lift head left (west) and pass the small restaurant you see in a short distance. Follow the path and skin for maybe 15-20 mins to reach the top of Maroikopfe and from there you can ski all the way down to the valley. You'll definitely meet other skiers at the peak and you can go down with them if you don't know the route(s). On stormy days there's amazing terrain below the treeline in Sonnenkopf and Lech with hardly any crowds. Zurs is sick as well.

    In general I think it's the best resort in the Alps if not the world. It snows alot, there's every kind of terrain to ski, and not too many crowds if you stay out of the most popular routes. A few years ago on christmas we skiied waist deep powder for 3 days in Zug without seeing anyone else around.

    In terms of price I don't think it's that expensive at all. Just stay in St. Jakob, where accomodation is probably half the price of St. Anton and just a 10 minute ride with a free skibus.
  • Chester_Tartsnatcher
    Chester_Tartsnatcher op 19 November 2017 · 19:04
    OK, that's a good recommendation. I'm looking into it.
  • Arjen
    Arjen op 20 November 2017 · 13:39
    Totally agree with @NiklasH. You can also consider staying in Pettneu or Flirsch. Maybe a bit further away from the lifts, but it's the least expensive option. The further from St. Anton, the less crowds, but in my experience Stuben and Zürs are more crowded now compared to a couple of years ago. The opening of the Flexenbahn made the area more accessible, so that's probably one of the reasons.
    One day, they'll invent synthetic powder, ban all kinds of work and give you a free liftpass...
  • Chester_Tartsnatcher
    Chester_Tartsnatcher op 20 November 2017 · 14:28
    I won't have a car, and while I imagine the bus system to be decent, I'm not a fan of riding around in the bus to get back to a room after a big day. Is Zug any better as a base location?
  • elecas
    elecas op 20 November 2017 · 15:56
    Definitely, but Zug is a tiny group of houses that I wouldn´t even call village, so if you are looking for something with some restaurants and some live I think Lech is the place.

    About St. Anton, it is true that it is in a corner of a masive resort that it is famous for the huge area and the big spread, I live close and sometimes I go by car to Lech or Zug to start from there even that´s means 15 min more driving because starting from St Anton means a lot of time of taking lifts to arrive to the center of the resort. In addition St. Anton acumulates not experience people and the slopes are more crowded that in Lech and Zug, besides, St. Anton has a big train station that connects directly to Switzerland and Austria. However the village has a lot of live, many bars and restaurants, nice apreski, etc.

    In conclusion, St. Anton, bad position but nice village, Zug the oppisite and Lech is the middle point. So it depends what are you looking for you can choose one or other.
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  • Chester_Tartsnatcher
    Chester_Tartsnatcher op 20 November 2017 · 16:44
    I'm not big on the apres ski scene, a beer is nice as are some decent dinner options. I prioritize walking access to good lifts and runs, quiet sleeping, then food.
  • mhilberts
    mhilberts op 20 November 2017 · 23:14

    @Chester_Tartsnatcher If you skipped Chair 6 because of the lines @crystal this weekend I would take a pass on Anton. While the liftlines may no be the worst you have a lot of traffic on the slopes or off the slopes for that matter,(although in January you may still be OK)
    I am hardly the expert in the area but if you want to dodge the crowds Montafon or even Bregenzerwald or KWT may be better. Go there on a good Nordstau day and you'll have a blast.
  • Chester_Tartsnatcher
    Chester_Tartsnatcher op 17 December 2018 · 02:04
    OK, it's settled. March 14 & 15 I'll be in St. Anton, in the main town.
    I'd like to join an offpiste group for the 14th. Suggestions?


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