Tree skiing

  • andersjönsson
    andersjönsson op 16 January 2018 · 14:11
    Hi Morris et al,

    We are coming down for the weekend from Stockholm, skiing Friday to Monday. It seems on PA 11 that tree skiing is the way to go this weekend, do you have any recommended resorts for this, we are quite flexible where to go?

    Also, thanks a lot to wepowder for a great service, without you we are lost!

  • Storpotatisen
    Storpotatisen op 16 January 2018 · 16:53
    Hi @Andersjönsson
    What airport are you flying to?

  • andersjönsson
    andersjönsson op 16 January 2018 · 18:03
    Not yet decided but we are leaning towards Zürich.
  • Storpotatisen
    Storpotatisen op 16 January 2018 · 22:12
    It seems as it will be pretty cold, so I guess Bregenzerwald and Kleinwalsertal will be good options .
    If you're going to Geneva, I can recommend the tree skiing in Ovronnaz, Evolene and Vercorin. None of them are very crowded and seems to get a decent amount of snow for your weekend.

  • andersjönsson
    andersjönsson op 16 January 2018 · 23:03
    Thanks Storpotäten, good tips and new areas for me, are you down skiing right now?
  • Nidhugg
    Nidhugg op 17 January 2018 · 09:05
    If you go to Geneva I would also check out La Thuile, great tree skiing and seems to get a lot of snow now.
  • Storpotatisen
    Storpotatisen op 17 January 2018 · 11:08
    Well, no unfortunately not... 😞
    However, flying out to Munich the 31st, hoping for good snow and the longterm seems to look like a northern stau at that time. But we'll see what Morris comes up with!

    If Geneva, you could also check out Sainte Foy and Val Cenis/Termignon. All three with great tree skiing and gets their fair share of the storm.
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  • andersjönsson
    andersjönsson op 17 January 2018 · 20:37
    Thanks Boys, appreciate all the tips, it may be that we try out Courmayeur and La Thuile. We are praying that it wont be to warm tomorrow for the tree lines..
  • jacobbjurströmer
    jacobbjurströmer op 18 January 2018 · 12:11
    I'm also planning for this weekend, was mainly thinking of flying to Zürich and then riding Sat/Sun!
    Are there any more suggestions for that area perhaps? What I like with Zürich is the easy access to resorts by train!

    And if someone wants an extra snowboarder in their quest for pow I'm all in! 😉
  • NicZH
    NicZH op 18 January 2018 · 21:19
    I am in Zurich as well. Weather looks the same everywhere, snowing, very cloudy and high avalanche risk. What about visibility then?
  • Rutger
    Rutger op 20 January 2018 · 10:52
    Voralrberg - Andelbuch, gargellen or silvretta motafon.. St anton is overrated 😋. Maria alm/hochkonig is good for tree runs (lots of snow) also fieberbrunn is nice. in Steiermarken you should go to Krippenstein, there are also some skiroutes down from dachstein (hallstater gletcher) down to hallstatt (2100m altimeters difference) they are easy but beatifull 😃
    The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority,
  • pyrytalvitie
    pyrytalvitie op 25 January 2018 · 21:43
    Hi, related to this tree skiing topic, any good advice on the Italian side? I've been to Gressoney and it offers some nice tree runs! How about the northern parts of Piedmont (Morris always talks about the larch trees in that area)? Looks like the coming week we'll see a lot of snow there!


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