PA14 Conditions Limone Piemonte -West Alps-

  • Alex_73
    Alex_73 op 5 February 2018 路 22:04
    Hi there,

    Info & conditions Limone Piemonte - west Alps

    Today super condition, from 30 to 40 cm of fresh snow, cold snow, very fast.
    Risk avalanche: 3 out of 5
    Snowfall in progress 馃槂

    ALTITUDE 1.000 m
    Last 12houres snow : 20 cm
    Temperature: -1掳C (12.00 a.m)
    Wind : absent

    ALTUTUDE 1.900 m
    Last 12houres snow: +40 cm
    Temperature: -6掳C (12.00 a.m.)
    Wind: 7 km/h (weak)

    ALTITUDE 2.700 m
    Last 12houres snow : /
    Temperature: -9掳C (12.00 a.m)
    Wind: 10 km/h (weak)

    Good powder everyone

  • davecus
    davecus op 7 February 2018 路 09:21
    Good morning Alex,
    I'm planning to come to Limone or to Artesina on friday/saturday. I'm from Turin so it doesn't take long for me to get there. Could you tell me how are the conditions today? I'm dreaming about those 60 cm of powder mentioned in the forecast 馃榾


  • Alex_73
    Alex_73 op 7 February 2018 路 10:03
    Hi Davide
    the conditions are exceptional

    60 cm the new snow ... cold and fast
    very cold temperature

    But, you're Italian?

  • davecus
    davecus op 7 February 2018 路 17:40
    Yeah sure I am. I just wanted to share the conversation with everyone on the forum.
    Are you going to ski on friday? I'm a snowboarder and maybe as I said I was planning to hit Limone on friday.
    Thank God, summer is over.
  • alithegirl
    alithegirl op 8 February 2018 路 11:53
    Hi Alex,

    We live in the Gressoney valley, and are thinking of coming down for a day trip to Limone tomorrow. Are conditions still good? Is the area very tracked 馃槂?

    Many thanks.
  • Alex_73
    Alex_73 op 12 February 2018 路 01:06
    conditions 10 February Limone Piemonte
  • Alex_73
    Alex_73 op 12 February 2018 路 09:49
  • Alex_73
    Alex_73 op 12 February 2018 路 09:50
    Limone Piemonte 10/02/2018
  • meteomorris
    meteomorris op 12 February 2018 路 11:12
    @Alex_73 thanks for sharing
    May the powder be with you.


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