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  • levoevo
    levoevo op 14 November 2018 路 17:42
    Hi to the peeps,

    I'm trying to fix me up some ski vacation in the Alps. First time since I just moved to these parts. Anyway, can't decide where to book for Feb (first or 2nd week). Will south keep it up or does anyone have an inkling of what might be ahead? Was thinking Innsbruck, but just not great now.


  • meteomorris
    meteomorris op 15 November 2018 路 07:32
    If I woud knew the answer I probably be rich.
    It is normal that the southern parts get their first base in november. We also see winters in which January can be stormy with the odd rainy day. Even higher up. February is normally pretty good. The good thing about Inssbruck is that you have more options. You could go to the Nordkete which is a sort of city beach of Innsbruck. Axam (which is a former olympic destination) can be good and is less known and if it might be to warm or lower elevations are lacking snow than you could go to Stubaier Glacier.

    But a long term forecast is always hard....

    May the powder be with you.
  • levoevo
    levoevo op 15 November 2018 路 21:32
    Got it thanks! Just sour after hitting the road in the 4 corners last year while here was great.. I'll get some I think 馃槂
  • mmp3
    mmp3 op 16 November 2018 路 21:47
    If I woud knew the answer I probably be rich.quote]

    WHAT??? your not?????? lol...
  • mmp3
    mmp3 op 16 November 2018 路 21:48
    If I woud knew the answer I probably be rich.quote]

    WHAT??? your not?????? lol...mmp3 op 16 Nov 2018 21:47

    PS Morris - Your fit and healthy..... That's as RICH as it counts bud... eh??

    *message edited by mmp3 op 16 Nov 2018 21:48
  • levoevo
    levoevo op 18 November 2018 路 15:17
    You mean the Oracle is rich, and as for healthy.. well I sure like to wrap my head around unknown unknowns, like a ring of daisies
  • richd
    richd op 21 November 2018 路 14:46
    Lev, if you are travelling solo just leave it to last minute. Book a cheap flight to Zurich. From Zurich you are able to access pretty much anywhere in the alps quickly by train. So essentially you can leave booking accomodation 2-3 days before you fly. Just keep following WP to pinpoint where you should head. Alternatively hire a car in ZH and just follow the storms.
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  • levoevo
    levoevo op 21 November 2018 路 20:51
  • Heridan
    Heridan op 5 August 2023 路 07:58
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