Change bindings or new pair?

  • nowhereman
    nowhereman op 19 November 2018 · 16:03
    Hi all, I have got a huge doubt since last season. I became increasingly passionate about skitouring, not for getting fast up to the top, but to enjoy a good mountain discovery and a nice powder descent.
    I have been freeriding (with no skins) last years with my 4FRNT Kye 95 with marker fixed bindings, and I'm very very happy about them.
    Now I have to build up a new skitouring gear.
    Since these skis are so good I am wondering wether I should replace the bindings on those skis with Marker kingpins or Dynafit bindings, or just buy a new set of skis (I am evaluating Blackdiamond Helio or something similar)

    How about replacing bindings? Is it fine or does it give problems because of the holes? What would you advise?
  • AdamStekl
    AdamStekl op 19 November 2018 · 21:31
    Hi, I would buy a second pair of skis as a touring set. BD helio with kingpin would be bomber set up. Don't worry to pick a ski that is even wider than 100 mm. It will be so much fun. Regarding the holes, normal ski (with wood core and maybe some metal in the mounting area) you can drill three timea for sure without any damage to it. Just make sure the holes are at least some space apart each other. The old ones are just plugged with plastic. Enjoy touring and take an avalanche course.
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  • richd
    richd op 21 November 2018 · 14:34
    You may want to consider the Salamon/ Atomic Shift bindings. Pin on the up , alpine on the down. Just make sure that your new touring boots work with them.
    If you can I would also tend towards a new set so that you can start building up a quiver. As you get more and more into the touring you will start appreciating a lighter set up . Then if you decide to go for a freeride day you can get out your trusty 4fronts. Just be aware that for pin bindings you will need boots that have the tech fittings. These boots however 'should' not be used on alpine bindings...

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  • jadynhendy
    jadynhendy op 29 September 2020 · 05:59
    Hey is anyone selling their 4FRNT Kye 95 Ski? I’ve been looking forever.
  • nowhereman
    nowhereman op 29 September 2020 · 11:55
    Hey Jadyn, actually I am. Haven't used them since my last message here above in 2018. I bought a new skitouring gear, and always used that one. Drop me a pvt message if you are interested.
  • jadynhendy
    jadynhendy op 29 September 2020 · 15:43
    Hey @nowhereman do you have Facebook or would I be able to text you? Never used this app before and just found it on google and decided to shoot my shot.
  • jadynhendy
    jadynhendy op 29 September 2020 · 15:46
    I do have a few questions about them because I’m looking for specific ones.


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