Powfinder: 157 SURFR

  • MorningBrewer
    MorningBrewer op 8 December 2018 · 10:12
    Here is a preliminary review for the 157 SURFR series board. As I have only ridden it once, this will be a more stream of consciousness update, as I get more rides out of it.

    Number of rides: 1

    Ordering: Ordering was smooth as silk. I am located in Switzerland, so I had to message them before to get the VAT taken off. I even asked for a bit of advice around the size of board I should get. I settled on the 157cm, as I am about 65kg and 175cm with a 28.5 boot size. I ordered in October (I think) and I received the board sometime in November, which was fine, as they had to still make the board. The box came a bit beat up, but the board was undamaged. Unboxing, I saw a beautiful blue bombshell. Honestly, I thought even if this board sucks, I will convince my wife that we can hang the board on the wall. It looks that good (luckily/unluckily - so far it seems to ride amazingly - more on that in a bit).

    The Set Up: I threw on my Bent Metal Solution bindings (M)

    The Ride: I took the board to Andermatt on Dec 7 (Friday). The resort probably got 30 to 40cm during the week, and luckily for me, it was closed the whole week. The morning was quite apocalyptic, the sky was red. A storm was brewing, but there was a window to shred before she arrived. We took the first gondola up to the Gemmstock, surveyed the lands, strapped in, and let her rip.

    My first thoughts were the board was incredibly nimble. I could make the smallest, quickest of turns, but also it held its edge on wide carving turns. After a few turns, we dropped off the ledge and went into the powder field leading to the Sonnen Piste. It was 10cm to 15cm deep in places, and it took no effort to stay afloat. The board handled well. I could turn on a dime, and make playful cutbacks and power slides on the ledges. We then dropped off to the skiers right side between Sonnen Piste and Lutersee (ungroomed "free riders playground"), and found lap after lap of untouched powder! It was a dream come true. Settled powder that you could grip and rip, and only a handful of freeriders in sight. Hitting some steep sections, the board handled like a champ. I even took a few 2+ meter drops, and the landings were surprisingly stable. The Andermatt couloir was not so nice that day, but the board was able to cut through the crud. It did get a bit bouncy on some recent avalanche debris, but which board doesn't?

    Verdict: My god, this board is the real deal. It is not an everyday champion, but after 1 day in the powder, I can say it is definitely my new go to powder board. I can foresee myself even riding this a bit on the pistes, but it got a bit wobbly at high speeds. I'll come back from time to time and give updates, but at the early stages, I feel confident in saying that this is my new go to powder board.

    PS: I bought this board for a Japan trip in Japanuary. I'll hopefully have 14 deep powder and tree days to test this puppy out.

    Wake up, brew, board, repeat
  • meteomorris
    meteomorris op 8 December 2018 · 16:43
    @MorningBrewer thank your for your review. Stoked to hear that you love the board so much already after just one day. I am sure you will ride it more on pistes once you get to know your SURFR even better.

    Keep us posted and share your feedback with us so that we can further improve our boards.

    In case you have never heard of Powfinder. Checkt this https://powfinder.com
    Below a picture of our SURFR series.

    May the powder be with you.
  • Fish
    Fish op 24 February 2020 · 10:30


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