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  • Mike_D
    Mike_D op 19 March 2019 · 15:29

    I've created a new website,, it's a website that enables skiers and snowboarders to sell and buy their unwanted equipment.

    It's FREE to sell, FREE to buy, so we don't take a percentage of ANY transaction - IT'S FREE.

    You can sell or buy by auction - highest bidder wins (with a reserve price so it doesn't go for too little), or by 'Fixed Price', just list it with the price you want and sell it for that price.

    You can choose your own currency when creating a listing, so the site can be used in any country, to sell and buy locally or internationally.

    All payments are secured by PayPal, they provide the security of an escrow service and a dispute resolution seller, though they will usually charge a small percentage to a successful seller.

    We aren't a faceless multinational, we're a very small outfit who put two of our interests, skiing and web development, together to make a reality.

    We won't be selling your details on, so WE GUARANTEE that you will not be bombarded with endless spam.

    The site is only a few days old, so it's looking a bit bare, so please rummage around your house, find some stuff you're not going to use anymore and list it on - FREE!

    Tell your friends!

    Twitter: Shnoh_Auction
    FREE to buy, FREE to sell

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