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  • Pistenbulcky
    Pistenbulcky op 17 December 2019 · 08:53

    Hi all, my name is Erik Bulckens and long time member of wePowder (@pistenbulcky), mostly active on the Dutch speaking part of this website. I'm a director and passionate snowboarder and I decided the time was right to pay tribute to the man who brings us so much joy with his powder alerts, @meteomorris.

    The film will give an in depth view of the man behind the mask (pun intended) and goes further than the obligatory ski- and boardshots. This portrait will offer you a look behind the scenes of the most accurate snow-predictions and carries you down through snow laden forests. The history of WePowder comes to life and you’ll get an insight of what Morris does when he’s not waist deep in fresh pow.

    Making such a movie costs time and money. Time, we can make, money on the other hand is a bit harder and that’s why we need your help to realise this ambitious project.

    You can support us by making a donation on the crowdfundingplatform ( where you might even find an attractive or suiting reward, thanks to our gear parters.
    On this site, you’ll learn more about the idea behind this movie, it’s origins and our future plans.

    In short, do you want to see this movie being made and screened next year? Then surf to .
    Every bit of help is welcome (even the very small). We’ll be forever grateful.
  • Pistenbulcky
    Pistenbulcky op 17 December 2019 · 17:11
    Thanks to the early funders already 😃

    For your information: I'll regularly place updates here on the forum but for those of you interested in following our adventures on Instagram, you can find us under @mepowderproject

    Let's do this!

  • Pistenbulcky
    Pistenbulcky op 18 December 2019 · 10:37
    Happy to announce that we've already gathered 10% of our goal, thanks to you!

    Don't hesitate to share the link with anyone who would be interested 😃

  • Pistenbulcky
    Pistenbulcky op 19 December 2019 · 10:35
    This week, "De Warmste Week" started in Belgium (where I'm from). Freely translated, The Warmest Week.
    It's a charity week where you can support any charity program you like.

    And I want to show my warm heart.
    For every funding I receive this week for the film, I'll offer 5% of that amount to charity.
    Since this Christmas Eve it will be exactly 30 years ago my father died of a cardiac arrest, I'll be supporting the Belgian Cardiological League in their research.

    Just go to and I'll take care of the rest.
  • Pistenbulcky
    Pistenbulcky op 20 December 2019 · 09:21
    Although I'm new to Facebook, you can now also follow our adventures and progress on:

    Share and like I suppose 😉

    ps: we've also created an Instagram account @mepowderproject
  • Pistenbulcky
    Pistenbulcky op 31 December 2019 · 15:31
    Thank you @arjen and @meteomorris for all these White Christmasses!!! Best Santas ever...

    If you want to see them in action on the Big Screen, support our film project on

    Peace, love and lost of powder to you all in the new year!
  • Pistenbulcky
    Pistenbulcky op 12 January 2020 · 22:04
    Small update:

    we're at 34% of our goal. Thanks to all of you supporting this project!!! Spread the word, this is only possible because of you.
    Only 4 days to go so be fast and grab one of the many nice rewards or choose no reward and earn our eternal gratitude.

  • Pistenbulcky
    Pistenbulcky op 13 January 2020 · 22:48
    If the site for any reason opens in Dutch, please use the following URL

    That should do the trick.
    We're almost at 50%

    We can do this!
  • Pistenbulcky
    Pistenbulcky op 14 January 2020 · 12:09
    And be sure to clear your cookies. 😉

  • Pistenbulcky
    Pistenbulcky op 17 January 2020 · 13:48
    For those who don't like subtitles here's an English dubbed version of the teaser:


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