Alpine vs touring binding

  • christoph.grabietz
    christoph.grabietz op 12 January 2020 · 11:36
    Hi Guys,

    My brother and I are starting freeriding and we plan to buy some gear (Ski, Probe, Shovel and Beacon). Do you recommend buying a standard alpine Binding or should we invest in a Touring binding immediately. And if so which one do you recommend?

    Thanks in advance
  • ctm
    ctm op 12 January 2020 · 15:09
    TOURBINDING; SHIFT MNC 13 not cheap, but will last for years, the best of both worlds

    I have a liberty ski with tourbinding for sale:

    SHIFT MNC 13


    Atomic Shift MNC 13 is a game-changer: the world’s first binding with full touring and freeride capability in one. It’s a genuine tech binding for hiking complete with pins. Then flick the Hike and Ride switch to ski mode and it turns into a genuine freeride binding for the way down, compatible with all normed boots on the market – alpine and touring. So for the first time you don’t have to compromise when you’re touring or skiing – either by hiking with a heavy solution like frames or skiing downhill with pins. You get the best for both. And even better, you can also use it for your alpine skiing days with your normal alpine boot. Finally, one binding for everything!
    Ciao, Christian
  • Nidhugg
    Nidhugg op 12 January 2020 · 15:47
    I agree with ctm, go with a Salomon/Atomic Shift!
  • christoph.grabietz
    christoph.grabietz op 13 January 2020 · 11:20
    Thank you for the quick answer. I will definitely check out the Salomon binding.


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