Ski Touring Expeditions in Georgia

  • manugreer
    manugreer op 19 November 2021 · 02:42
    Hi all, I'm posting this on behalf of friends who are organising what looks like an amazing ski touring product in Racha, Georgia. (I hope this post is allowed here - admins please contact me if there are better options to promote this.)


    We want to offer you a very special winter experience in a very special place.

    Our guided tours are unique. On our 8 or 12 day expeditions, we travel between remote villages in the seldom-visited alpine region of Racha, exploring almost endless options for freeriding, ski-touring and split-boarding along our route.

    We stay in snow-camps for 1-2 nights, ride fresh lines on terrain that suits you (and at your pace), then return to the comfort of a village guest house to relax and enjoy authentic local hospitality. Then we move to a different location, with the help of King Tamar, our huge, cool-looking Soviet truck. Our advance team sets up the camps and carries all the gear to and from each location, so you only need to carry a day pack.

    On a typical expedition we will explore 3 different locations from 3 different villages. We also offer the option of longer tours and ski-mountaineering objectives. On an 8 day program, you will ride at least 7 days - with one day set aside as a weather/ rest/ cultural day - usually on the last day.

    Adventure, fun and comfort are our priorities, but first and foremost is safety. We have excellent safety systems and equipment, and we use experienced guides with internationally-recognised qualifications. We take care of all contingency planning and hazard analysis with top-notch professionalism. Logistics, camping equipment, and airport transfers are all taken care of, so you just need to bring your ski equipment and an appetite for adventure.

    Care for the natural environment and climate is a core value for us. We want to reduce our impact as much as possible, and we can facilitate carbon-offsetting for your trip. Please ask us for more details.

    We value local culture and history, and we want to provide the opportunity for you to appreciate the unique people of Racha and their way of life.

    Snow-vigil is a cooperative of passionate people who put community, the environment, and great experiences above profits.

    For more information about our expeditions, please visit us at - or find us on Facebook or Instagram

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