Les 2 Alpes

  • richard1985
    richard1985 op 13 January 2014 · 22:14
    Hey guys,

    So heres another share of some lines, this time in L2A. Would love it if anyone (i imagine there are some guides from the area here or seasonaires?) would post some proper stuff as i had limited time to explore but hoping to go back with a group next time!

    Massively popular resort next to the hidden beauty of La Grave. Focus for me here however is on L2A. Family Holiday again but conditions werent great anyway when i went as had been a streak of warm weather so only 1 day in LG and not much exploration till it dumped on the last 2 days. I managed to cover pretty much everything here on the last day actually.

    Not a fan of the french maps i had and this is drawn from memory so as with any mapping; Please do not read literally, the lines drawn are guidelines (obviously) and to be fair most are easily scout-able from lifts and not too adventurous anyway (again conditions were prohibitive as even after the dump avalanche danger was high so wasnt going to far adrift - as i very nearly found out at the top of line 5 making a stupid mistake).

    1. Pic De Diable; straight off the bellecombe lift. 40 to 50 deg hike to the peak, cant rememeber how long maybe 30 minutes. (Head to the right of the peak). At the crest bit of a rock traverse left but only a few metres and plenty of holds. Its a beauty of a drop in and nobody had tracked it. Not long enough of a run after but beggars cant be choosers!

    5. First thing id say is; Avoid the top of the Motagne De Rachas go around and traverse/hike it. The top was flat and wind swept - even after a dump and clear skys. I was traversing looking for my drop point, stupidly didnt realise i was close to the curve of the flat and had the start of a yawning crack between my skis. Otherwise a pretty popular and tracked path is the right side under the lift. The left is worth looking at with a few colouirs all North Facing and even the middle ground ends in a few that can be scouted from the bellecombe lift.

    2. La Fee oddly seemed like a micro climate; Sunny when Diable fogged and vice versa. this ones got an untracked piste to the right but a few nice steeps if you hold left of the "piste". Ends in flat ground but again hold left and meet the blue track.

    3. Everyone tracks but thought id put it on there incase your planning your day before you go. If your the first up on a powder day; epic! if its anything but powder; avoid like the plague.

    6. same as above in parts but more technical with some drops throughout. also wasnt iced/slushed up in late season when i was there.

    7. & 8. Sadly didnt get to try either due to conditions/late season didnt feel like a good idea. Would love to know if any seasonaires/locals/guides on here have done it and what the crack is as on my hit list for next time. Defo not one ill do while on a family holiday though.

    So yeah, clearly a very basic run out but had some ace little stashes considering the lateness in the season and snowpack concerns.

    Hopefully someone has some bigger/better line to share here!


    tree skiing all the way!
  • Arjen
    Arjen op 14 January 2014 · 23:08
    Thanks for sharing Rich!
    One day, they'll invent synthetic powder, ban all kinds of work and give you a free liftpass...


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