Some fresh powder in 2013

By meteomorris on 31 December 2012 · 0

Some fresh powder from Tuesday
Some fresh powder from Tuesday

Oh boy, we really have to be happy with the snow that fell the last two weeks of November and the first two weeks of December. It hasn't been much since then and a small Powderalert #11 isn't going to change much. But then again, we don't really have to complain either. The snowcover is as thick or twice as thick as normal this time of the winter in most places in the Alps. And on north faces, inneralpine areas and sheltered forests is still powder to be found.

For a quick powderrush you can score some freshies during Powderalert #11. If you can't make it, you'll have to start hiking. Fortunately, the avalanche danger will drop a bit next week, allowing you to ride steeper terrain. But then again, always ride with your head!

Some extra sugar

A weak retour d'est is in the making. The low pressure area Udine is sending a cold front to the Alps on New years day. The wind will first turn to the southwest. This will result in the first snowfall in the Ecrins during the morning. The cold front will come in later, causing the wind to turn northwest. This will bring snow in the French northern Alps and the northern alpine ridge. Just after that, a small Genua layer is formed. This means snow in southern Lombardia and Süd-Tirol.

Udine causes a Genua-layer
Udine causes a Genua-layer

Get some freshies I don't expect much snow this period, but you can expect 10-25 cm in the stau areas. It's not waistdeep powder, but enough to get your powder shots.

Long term: dry

Due to an upcoming high pressure area it will get dry after Wednesday. This means sunny days and cold nights. The snow has some time to settle and gives you the opportunity to use your skins and score some powder.

Enjoy 2013. We'll have to go through this period without snowfall and we'll ride powder hopefully soon!

Stay stoked en see you in 2013



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