PA#18: Nordstau-light with potential for more

After a very warm period in the Alps, a strong cooling will now follow. Higher up, the snow cover grows steadily over the next few days. A nice layer of snow will fall until Thursday evening.

PA#17: From summer heat to some fresh snow

After the exceptional warmth of the past few days, a cold front will bring a solid cooling and a fresh layer of snow. It will get about 15 to locally 20 degrees colder and the snowline will thus drop nicely.

PA#16: Lots of snow for the south-west Alps!

In the coming days, there will be quite a bit of snow again on the southern side, especially in the western part of it. More snow is likely to follow from the weekend onwards. In some regions, accumulations could reach serious levels.

PA#15 for the northwestern side

We can expect some nice snowfall in the Northwest-Alps with a low snowline. Much more snow may follow over the course of next week with a south-westerly flow, but details on this are not yet known.

PA#14: Once again for the southwestern Alps!

It’s been Powder Alert after Powder Alert in the last period and once again it’s here. The snowfall in the south-west Alps has started and it is going to s snow heavily again! Responsible is a decent low pressure area west of France.

PA#13: Surprise-PA with a short but fierce Gegenstromlage

A surprise PA with short and bright snow next night (Tuesday to Wednesday) and Wednesday during the day. Yesterday I already discussed the weather situation, but today I decided that the amounts are sufficient for PA#13 after all.

PA#12 update: strong Retour d'Est delivered

What a Retour d’Est! Yesterday it was snowing in full force and the accumulations got seriously big. Today, it’s time for a brief update on the state of play. As expected, the largest accumulations took place from Prali to Ticino.

PA#12: Round three for the southern Alps with a retour d'Est!

Also in March, our forecast map remains unabatedly colourful and once again it is the turn of the southern Alps. Piedmont and Ticino in particular could get the full loads of snow, as the Retour d’Est strikes again!

PA#11: The second snow dump for the southern Alps

It’s the second snow dump within a week in the southern Alps. We will see sustained snowfall through Wednesday, but with a rising snowline. It also gets warmer quickly after that, which doesn’t make it easier for the powder search.

PA#10: Lots of snow in the southern Alps

What colours! Finally it’s happening again on a large scale in the Alps, so time for PA#10! Fast forward to the details! It’s bitter for the French Alps, as the snowline was around 1800 - 2000 metres in many regions during the day on Thursday, especially of course in the Prealpes.

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