Snow down to the valleys this weekend?

It was a changeable start to the week with snow mainly in the Northwest Alps. The snowline was quite high on Monday, around 1800-2000 metres in most places, occasionally at increasing intensity temporarily below 1500 metres, but a nice layer of snow fell higher up anyway: 10 to 20 centimetres, locally also 30 centimetres.

Snow for the Swiss Alps - Spring conditions directly afterwards

A nice layer of snow follows over the next 24 hours for the Swiss Alps. It could have been a PowderAlert, but due to the limited amounts in a limited area and the subsequent very rapid warming on Thursday, I chose not to issue a PA.

Thursday rain, föhn and then snow

Heavy snowfall is approaching as I wrote on Saturday, but there are still some uncertainties, also about the developments after Friday. Some rain already follows in the mild air on Wednesday evening, but then the northern Alps will enter a (possibly heavy) föhn situation, while the southern Alps could see a lot of precipitation.

Late next week finally another Powder Alert?

Yes, it’s looking pretty far ahead and so with a beat, but at the moment we do have to look at the medium to long term for a serious pack of fresh snow. Sure, Monday will bring some snow and is a nice refresher, but no large amounts.

Some snow chances for the northern side

After the snow on the southern side, calm returned to the Alps. On the northern side, with a moist western to north-western flow, it still snowed a bit above 800 to 1,200 metres, but later this week it warms up again.

Dry and very mild at first, but more changeable towards the end of the week

Due to limited internet on my train, I have to keep it short today. A glance at the snow map also shows that we need not expect anything in the form of fresh snow in the coming days.

Small refresher on Thursday in an otherwise dry spell

Currently, calm high-pressure weather with lots of sunshine dominates in the Alps. The freezing level reaches well above 3000 metres. At Les Diablerets in Switzerland, it is +4.6 degrees at 2966 metres at the time of writing (10:40am).

Some snowy moments with a stormy wind

After a short but fierce winter period, the weather will become more changeable and above all more turbulent in the coming week with occasional precipitation, but it will also become slightly milder at times, so we should keep an eye on the snowline!

Rain, wind, snow and then temporarily cold

We see yellow and red colours on our snowfall map for the Western Alps, but at the same time it is also getting considerably warmer, so this precipitation is accompanied by a high snowline.

Interesting days with an air mass boundary next week

The conditions are sunny and dry at the moment. For fresh snow, we need to look further ahead. It is not until the middle of next week that things really change and the Alps enter more changeable weather.

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