And again fresh snow in the Southern Alps

By meteomorris on 8 March 2013 · 0

[Auron]( this morning
[Auron]( this morning

Fresh snow in the Southern French Alps. First of all a warning. Up to eleven people died the last couple of days in the Alps because of avalanches. The warm temperatures in the last couple of days and the strong föhnstorm resulted in tricky conditions. It also snowed heavily in the southern Alps and you'll have to keep in mind that there is an increased risk of three types of avalanches.

Fresh snow in the Southern French Alps

As expected a new storm did arrive last night in the Southwest. The webcams showed us this this morning.


[Isola 2000](
[Isola 2000](

[Puy St. Vincent](
[Puy St. Vincent](

[Serre Chevalier](
[Serre Chevalier](

Since the wind turned Southwest instead of Southeast snowfalls are aiming mainly on the Southern French Alps and not at the Italian Piemonte as was the case yesterday. Snowlevels have fallen towards 1500 meters luckily. Althougd we woke up with fresh snow Thursdaymonring, temperatures went up rapdily. So today again fresh powder. Defenitely no cold smoke powder, but hey... its snowing again. Even the Salomon Freeski TV team showed up in the region searching for powder.

The front is now moving Northeast bringing snow to western Switzerland and the Northern French Alps. I do expect 5-15 cm above 2000 meters.

Snow in the southwest and sun in Austria and Switzerland
Snow in the southwest and sun in Austria and Switzerland

Mild weekend with snow in the Dolomites

  • France: Mild and sunny. Some last flurries on Saturday.

  • Switzerland: New snow on friday. Mild and sunny during the weekend. Some last flurries on Saturday in the South and in the east on Sunday.

  • Austria: Mild and sunny as a start. Snow clouds are moving into the South on Saturday (Ost-Tirol and Carinthie).

  • Italy, snow clouds are moving into the Dolomites on Saturday. Snowlevels around 1300-1700 meters. Expect 20-50 cm above 2000 meters.

Long term

The collision between cold and warm air starts on Saturday/Sunday above Germany. At the spot where the systems will collide it will snow heavily. If this is at the Alps, then it's on. But when the warm air escapes we’ll see a lot less freshies. A shift of a 100 kilometers is the difference between a lot or little snow for the northern Alps on Monday. According to the latest maps the moisture will escape and there is no big dump expected for the Northern Alps.

Again Snow for the Dolomites

It looks like all the front above Germany are pushed West, then collide and go Southe before turning East. Et voila a Genua or Adria low is born causing snow in the Dolomites. Is powderalert#24 going to fall overhere?

Powder advice

  • Friday-Sunday: Fresh snow in the Southern French Alps. It's getting warmer again. Make sure you look for North faces Saturday afternoon and Sunday.

  • Saturday some freshies to befound around the Mt. Blanc.

  • Saturday afternoon and Sunday: fresh snow in the Dolomites and main Alpine ridge of Austria. Snowlevels around 1300-1700 meters.

New update Sunday afternoon


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