And again fresh snow in the Southern Alps

By meteomorris on 19 March 2013 · 0

La Clusaz today through [Powfinder app](
La Clusaz today through [Powfinder app](

The avalanche danger is dropping, more and more lifts are opening, the northern Alps will get their powder, more snow is on its way, and guess what….more snow next week!

Dropping avalanche danger

A lot of people think that a high avalanche danger results in a lot of casualties….Well, think again. Of course, a lot of lifts were closes, but when you have a look at the statistics you’ll see that there aren’t many casualties with avy danger four. The avalanche danger isn’t that high very often, but it looks like we all come to our senses when it happens. That can’t be said about avalanche danger two and three. So….if the snowcover will settle the next couple of days, and the avalanche danger will drop to two or three, don’t think you’re safe. It’s never 100% safe when you go into the backcountryand it’s up to you to make the right decisions. If you don’t have enough knowledge, start working on that, and hire a mountain guide till you get there.

[Martijn Schell](, one of the mountain guides from The Netherlands
[Martijn Schell](, one of the mountain guides from The Netherlands

Sun fo a while, but it will snow again

The sun came out on Tuesday afternoon. The riding was great this morning. I had some great lines with local ski patrol, but I took my kids into the powder this afternoon. Avalanche beacons, not steeper than 30 degrees and nothing below steep faces. The stoke was everywhere, we received a lot of reports through Powfinder. It was a perfect day in March!

More snow on Wednesday

A weak front is moving into the Alps from the southwest on Wednesday morning. This will result in snow for the southern Alps and temporarily rising temperatures in the northern Alps. But…the wind will turn westnorthwest soon and now it’s time for the northwest and the north of the Alps. The most snow will come down in the northwest stau regions. You can expect 15 centimeters of snow from Wednesday afternoon till Thursday morning. The other regions of the Alps will only receive a couple of centimeters.

The last snow will come down in the east on Thursday and some flakes will come down in other regions because of the instability in the air layers. It will be sunny and warm everywhere on Friday. The first indication of PowderAlert #26.

The föhn chart is showing PowderAlert#26
The föhn chart is showing PowderAlert#26

Powder Alert #26

Friday and Saturday will be warmer, but it will be temporarily. It will be on again from Sunday. A high pressure area north of the Alps will cause cold air to come into the Alps from the northeast. A low pressure area above the Mediterrenean will bring the humidity. You’ll do the math. Freshies for the southern Alps. It will start on Saturday with snow coming from the southwest and will continue with snow in the south. There’s also a slight chance for snow in the northern Alps, The details might shift a bit the next couple of days, but PowderAlert #26 is ready to rumble. Can we reach thirty PowderAlerts this season? It’ll be a record!

But….thirst things thirst…Let’s ride some powder!

Stay stoked



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