After season alert #2

By meteomorris on 22 May 2013 · 0

Chamonix Wednesday afternoon
Chamonix Wednesday afternoon

Did you ever hear of the endless summer? Well forget about it, because winter 12/13 is on its way to became a true endless winter. It's just forcing us to keep waxing. Ski's and snowboards that is, not surfboards. Question is…are these the last convulsions of winter or is there even more to come?

It's an interesting question that has been asked a lot lately. And maybe just as interesting as the ‘will a long winter lead to a cold summer?' question. The answers are quite simple. There is no correlation at all between a long winter and a cold summer, just as there is no correlation between a long cold winter and a long warm summer. The weather is just different everyday. The only thing we know is that this is…well, quite not normal for this time of the year. Most of the lifts in the Alps are already closed, but reality is that there still is so much snow!

The opening of the Bike Park is postponed in Les Gets, because (you guessed it) there is just too much snow! The Maxi Race, a big trail run event, will take place in Annecy this weekend, but they have to change the trail a little bit (or snowshoeing is considered trail running as well), which they are telling you below in the language of the French, par Toutatis.

Suite aux chutes de pluie et de neige en grandes quantités depuis 3 mois, certains chemins sont impraticables, nous avons donc travaillé et entériné deux changements en pleine concertation avec les équipes des secours en montagne, guides haute montagne, médecins, sécurité civile et les communes concernées.

We were in Annecy last Friday, and everybody just kept telling us how awesome the conditions around the Mont Blanc are at the moment. A lot of lines are in excellent condition at the moment and season is not over yet over there. Guys like Andreas Fransson are charging every day. Check it out below what can go down there.

All right, back to after season alert #2. There are still lifts up and running. The lift to theAiguille du Midi is working daily. The lifts in Zermatt are working as well, just like the lifts on most of the glaciers in Austria. Keep in mind that these are all high-alpine areas where you'll have to deal with the dangers of crevasses and other high-alpine risks. You'll need to have the knowledge to deal with this.

And then there's Engelberg. The lifts will close this weekend over there. But at the moment there is still snow down to Trubsee (1800 meters) and there is more to come the next couple of days, with the snow line dropping to a 1000 meters. (please do realize that it's almost June while reading this forecast). Same thing will happen in the Austrian main alpine ridge, where most of the snow will fall around Hintertux and the Grossglockner.

It will be pretty cold on Friday and Saturday, and there will still be some snowfall. And it looks like a new front will hit the Alps during the night of Saturday to Sunday, with 30-50 centimeters of freshies. Again. And why not, since it's almost JUNE. This winter is Not. Over. Yet.

Stay stoked!



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