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By FreshPow on 11 December 2013 · 0

While in some regions in the Alps people are getting nervous if there will be enough snow for the coming Christmas holidays. In sunny Spain there is still plenty of powder to be found. Since the last snowfall has been just a week ago and warmer temperatures are forecasted all over the mountain regions in Europe including Spain, some friends and myself decided to use the momentum there still is here in Spain to score some pow and drive up from Barcelona to Baqueira Beret. A friend arrived Thursday night at the airport and Friday, early in the morning, we were picked up by car and were on our way.

Royal destination

Now for those of you who don´t know Baqueira Beret…It is the ski town where the Spanish royal family spends their time when they go out in the mountains. And next to being a royal destination it is perhaps one of the best freeriding regions in the Pyrenees. With about 185 cm of snow already in the area, this seemed like a good spot to find some hidden stashes of powder. The drive from Barcelona – Baqueira will take you some three and a half hours and is definately worth the view.


When we were about half an hour away from Val D´Aran, the valley where Baqueira is located, everything was still green. The route with the unique views the Pyrenees have to offer is great. But come on…We were looking for some powder.

No snow, but amazing views on the way to Baqueira
No snow, but amazing views on the way to Baqueira

The more amazed we were that, when we exited the tunnel providing access to the valley, to find loads of snow. Everything was white, even in the valley itself. With Baqueira being on 1.500 meters (and many places that high in the Alps that are getting green again) that shows that you can expect to find some good snow here. Baqueira, with 15 meters of snow, even had the most snow in Europe in the last season.

some tracked pow @ Tuc de Costarjäs
some tracked pow @ Tuc de Costarjäs

In search of some pow

We quickly dropped our car at the hotel in Baqueira, which is actually the best village to be if you want to be close to the lifts.

Since the last snowfall has already been a week ago we found that most of the obvious places were totally tracked. But when we head out to Tuc de Costarjäs and Tuc deth Dossau there was still powder to be found. With about 20 cm of fresh and untracked this was already worth our stay. After some more runs, some hiking and some more runs the lifts were closing. So we decided to end our day with some San Miguels and find one of those amazing Spanish tapas restaurants.

Even on south facing slopes we could still find some pow

The next day, after heading out, we did some nice descents. We skied a couloir at Cap de Baqueira (normally a skiroute within the boundary, which was closed) where we could still ride powder. And taking the Tuc De La Llanca up also provides some access to untracked slopes next to Tuc de La Cigalera. In the afternoon the temperatures went up, so we decided to enjoy some more fine Spanish food and head back to the car and go back to Barcelona.

Excellent two days... Have you ever been in Baqueira and have some secrets to share?


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